The Ghana -West Africa Healthcare Excellence Awards is a rebrand of the prestigious West Africa Healthcare Excellence Awards which provides a platform endorsed by West Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the development of the healthcare sector while recognizing the key functions within the industry that promote standards and excellent stewardship. This is the most prestigious healthcare event that showcases on a national scale the prudence, and innovation within healthcare sector of Ghana and West Africa as a whole.

The Awards recognize the industry’s merits and set a benchmark for excellence, whilst rewarding innovative ideas that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. The Awards recognizes excellence in the healthcare industry cutting across industry and individual excellence.

We have been created to highlight the vital work done throughout the industry by the experts who ensure that every healthcare service provider, regardless of size, reputation, geographical location or area of expertise, can be confident that the life of people is in safe hands.

The 2021 Awards promote and celebrate the outstanding achievements of organizations and individuals in the healthcare industry. The event will be host in Ghana at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on 5th November, 2021.
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Health Delivery Services 
Leading Multi-Specialty Hospital
Leading Hospital in Secondary Care
Leading General Hospital
Private Healthcare provider of the year
Private Laboratory Service Provider of the year
Radiology Service Provider of the year
Health Maintenance Organization of the year
Innovative Healthcare Service Provider of the year
Dental service provider of the year
Eye care service provider of the year

Med-Tech Companies 
Emerging MedTech Company of the year
Leading Healthcare Tech Company of the year
Laboratory Equipment Marketing Company of the year
Hospital Equipment Marketing Company of the year

Wellness And Alternative Medicine
Leading Medical Spa
Leading Medical Resort
Homeopathic Company of the Year
Leading Health and Wellness Destination
Excellence in Ayurvedic Medicine
Excellence in Homeopathic Medicine
Excellence in Naturopathy
Promising Homeopathic Company of the Year

Herbal Hospitals
Leading Herbal Medicine of the year
Promising Herbal Clinic of the year  
Best Social Responsibility Award 
Herbal Alcoholic Beverage of the year 
Best Distribution of the year,
Best Herbal Medicine of the year,

Covid -19 Hero Award

Outstanding Service Award (Institutions)

Outstanding Service Award (Individuals)

Outstanding Service Award (Associations)

Special Recognition Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Special Recognition Award

Outstanding Contribution to Covid 19 Fight
Outstanding CSR Health Project of the year
Healthcare Friendly Financial Institution of the year 
Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Leading Health Insurance Company of the Year